What We Do

The Statewide Poverty Action Network is a grassroots advocacy organization located in Seattle, WA.

We fight against root causes of poverty and advocate for equitable policy reform that creates more opportunities for low-income communities and communities of color in Washington state.

Our work starts and ends within the community,  ensuring accountability to those most directly impacted by the effects of poverty. In our work, we:

  • Develop and advocate for innovative public policy solutions that address the root causes of poverty;
  • Register, educate, and mobilize voters from low-income communities and communities of color;
  • Engage community members in advocating for the issues that impact their lives;
  • Organize community members through a racial equity lens; and
  • Develop leaders in low-income communities.

Poverty Action is reclaiming democracy for families who work hard, but still struggle to get by. We want the Governor, legislators, regulators, and other decision-makers in the state to hear these voices and stories. Together with our community members, we’re changing the narrative on poverty in Washington state.