Our 2020 Voter Guide has been released!

Check it out here.

As a society, we hear reminders to “get out the vote” from many channels– our teachers, our media outlets, and our community and faith leaders. But often, it can seem like our ballots are a confusing list of names and issues that we are barely familiar with. Even the process of voting itself– registering to vote, figuring out how to turn in the ballot– can be daunting.

Woman holding megaphone in front of Poverty Action's background.

That’s where Poverty Action comes in. Since 2004, we’ve ran our Vote For A Change campaign every election season as an effort to equip Washington voters with all the information they need to confidently cast their vote. We create a questionnaire based on our policy priorities that is sent to candidates, research and report on ballot initiatives, and distribute information on how to register to vote, when to expect your ballot, and how to make sure your ballot is counted.

Our Vote For a Change campaign engages traditionally marginalized voters– those who are low income or nonwhite– and gives them the information they need so they can hold their elected officials accountable. We believe that when given the tools and information, people are able to make the right choices for themselves and their families.