Woman holding sign that reads TANF IS...a lifeline and way to keep our families safe and warm while we get back on our feet.
Allene, a community member from Eastern Washington, poses at 2019 Lobby Day.

We’re happy to report that versions of both of the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) bills that we advocated for in 2020 were passed!

  • House Bill 2441 eases TANF’s full-family sanction policy, and allows families 4 months to “cure” their sanctions and come back into compliance, and a total of 12 months to continue receiving a portion of their grant while on sanction status.
  • Senate Bill 6478 eases TANF’s time-limit policy for families who are homeless, and allows DSHS to use a more broad definition of homelessness to allow for families who are couch-surfing or living in other unstable housing situations to continue receiving TANF past the usual 60 month limit.