After fleeing a dangerous home environment with her two children, Tiana applied for TANF at the suggestion of her domestic violence advocate. She found a part-time job in retail making $540 a month and moved into a 2-bedroom apartment.

Tiana’s monthly $569 TANF grant gets her closer to making ends meet without relying on an abusive partner.

Mother and two children

Most parents work before entering and after leaving TANF but, still do not make enough to afford the basics, like food, housing, and healthcare.


Isaiah, a single dad of three young children, qualifies for TANF due to a long-term disability and inability to work full-time. He applied for social security over a year ago and is still waiting for approval. Meanwhile, he is able to work part-time making $920 a month.

Isaiah’s monthly $670 TANF grant makes the difference in being able to afford his $1,532 rent.

Dad holding baby, twin girls standing on either side

Families living with disabilities or complex medical needs make up a majority of those approved for an extension to the TANF time limit.

Pregnant person sitting on bench


Gabriela, a pregnant, soon-to-be mom moved out of her family home after the news of her pregnancy strained their relationship. She signed up for TANF while staying in a shelter with hopes of moving into her own apartment.

Gabriela’s monthly $363 TANF grant gets her closer to being able to afford a security deposit.

In 2020, about 15% of TANF recipients, including children, were experiencing homelessness.

These family snapshots are examples from aggregated data to preserve the identity of families receiving TANF.