Sharing your story helps fight harmful stereotypes that drive many of our lawmakers’ decisions. Social media is a great tool for sharing your story with a wider audience.

Record a video

Person filming self on cell phone held horizontally
  1. Decide what you want to say. Start with your name and where you live. Keep your message short – research shows that most people will keep scrolling after 60 seconds or less.
  2. Prepare to record. Make sure you are facing a good light source, stay within the camera frame, and hold your cellphone horizontally
  3. Record your video. Take a deep breath, press record, and speak your message!

Message Prompts

Basic Needs

What would it mean for your family if you could access TANF cash assistance for longer?


“If all of my family’s basic needs were met, we could…”

Cash Assistance

Think about cash payments you have been eligible for and received, like the Child Tax Credit or stimulus checks. What did the extra money mean to you and your family?

“Unrestricted cash assistance has helped me/my family to…”

Safety & Civil Rights

Imagine a community that’s safe for everyone. What does that look like?

“Safety is…”

Dental Care

How has lack of access to dental care impacted you or your loved ones?


Dental therapy means having a provider who looks like you, is part of your community, speaks your language, and shares your culture. How would a dental therapist change your experience getting dental care?

Post online

Cell phone screen with Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter icons

Post your message to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok – or whatever your favorite online platform is – and tag Poverty Action!

Tag your lawmakers and and use the hashtag #WALeg to make sure they see it.