At Poverty Action, we are working to reclaim democracy for people and communities who have so often been left out of the conversation. We want decision-makers in our state to hear everyone’s voices and stories. By sharing your story, you can join our network of narrators working to change the narrative about poverty in Washington state

However, sharing your story is often easier said than done. Retelling hard stories can feel really vulnerable and bring difficult feelings to the surface. Remember, you get to choose what you share, and should only share what you feel comfortable retelling

A blank page can feel intimidating and it can be hard to know where to start. These worksheets might help you develop your ideas, or you can work from these prompts

  • What issue/challenge are you facing? 
  • How is this issue/challenge impacting your life (work, family, etc)? 
  • What do you wish were different? 
  • What do you wish more people understood about your situation? 

If you want to share your story but need to talk through your ideas, reach out to us at and we’ll find time to meet with you and talk about what you want to say and how to say it!