The tragic police killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and countless others have sparked a new civil rights reckoning; a time of great inspiration and possibility, as the movement to affirm the value of Black lives has invited elected officials to make real changes to our legal system and law enforcement. At Poverty Action, we support calls to distribute funds formerly spent on over-policing to invest in the health and safety of long-neglected Black and Indigenous communities, and to exonerate and heal all protestors who have been charged or harmed for exercising their constitutional right to assemble.

Person holding sign "STOP KILLING BLACK PEOPLE," another person holding a sign that says "BLACK LIVES MATTER," a third person kneeling holding sign that says "YOU'LL NEVER HAVE THE COMFORT OF OUR SILENCE AGAIN"

What We’re Doing About It

Poverty Action stands in strength and solidarity with Black-led organizations across the state that have called for police accountability in Washington.

  • Adapt police accountability measures for police officers who abuse their power and create peer-intervention models of policing.
  • Draw funding from the Washington State Patrol budget to fund upstream investments of health and public safety.