As the 2023 Washington State Legislative Session begins, we’ve published Poverty Action’s policy priorities for the year. 

This year, we are focusing on driving policy change by centering the narratives of the people most impacted by poverty. Policy change and sharing our stories are not two separate projects, but must be woven together — our stories and lived experiences must at every level drive our policy ambitions. By centering the voices of those living in poverty, we can come together as a community and build policy change that is larger than ourselves.

Working with our community, we’ve decided to prioritize policy in three areas: helping folks meet their basic needs, building vibrant communities, and expanding access to dental care.

We’ll be diving in to tackle these policy priorities at our annual lobby day this MLK Day, meeting directly with our lawmakers to share our experiences and show them how to weave our voices into a better tomorrow. Join us to share your story and build durable policy change!

When we stand together to demand that communities most impacted by poverty have a voice at the decision-making table, we can build a system that works for all of us.