Communications Coordinator

Headshot of Molly Gallagher

As Communications Coordinator, Molly oversees Poverty Action’s political and advocacy-focused communications. Through storytelling, strategic communications, and media, they work to support specific campaign goals and uplift community voices about what living in poverty is like across Washington state. Across all communications, Molly works to support Poverty Action’s long-term goal of highlighting the systemic roots of poverty. 

Previously, Molly has worked as a curriculum development and communications associate with an organization teaching high school students how to run successful voter registration drives in their schools. Additionally, they have worked as an outdoor educator for several years, gaining valuable experience with community building and care. Working with young people has given them an appreciation for the value of careful listening and patience in building trusting relationships and empowering community experiences. 

When they aren’t working, Molly loves hiking, camping, playing ultimate frisbee, and doing almost any outdoor activity. Additionally, they love arts and crafts, specifically embroidery and block-printing. They moved to the Seattle area in June 2022 after graduating from Middlebury College with a degree in Sociology and Political Science. 

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