Poverty Action is working in Olympia. We want the Governor, legislators, regulators and other decision-makers in the state to hear our voices, especially of those directly impacted by poverty.


With over 12,000 members throughout the state, we are Washington’s leading organization on poverty. Our approach to ending poverty is unique. We believe that community members know what they need. Poverty Action engages people who struggle with poverty in setting the direction of our policies, and provides training to approve policy solutions. We do this through statewide listening sessions, where community members can share their stories, their struggles, their hopes and dreams, and their ideas for public policy changes.

Once our policy agenda is set, we engage community members in advocating for the solutions they helped identify—they meet with their lawmakers, testify at hearings, and speak to the media.

Based on the feedback of our members, Poverty Action’s top legislative issues include:

  • Consumer Protections
  • Basic Needs
  • Post-Secondary Education
  • Revenue
  • Criminal Justice
  • Racial Equity
  • Immigrant & Refugee Justice