Hands putting transportation, a carrot, and a first aid kit into a steaming pot of soup

Whether our work is unpaid or underpaid, we work hard to meet our needs and pursue our goals. We each contribute in our own unique ways to our loved ones and our community. We all deserve to get the help we need, no matter what. When we have a solid foundation to meet our needs, we can take opportunities to build the life we want.  

“I would create a … guaranteed basic income, so that every time the money people have is enough to live. Just guaranteed, regardless of education background, number of children, ’cause rent is so expensive. But having the minimum just to pay rent and utilities is not enough, just basic income. It will create safety and provide security and just makes it easier.”

– High Point Listening Session Attendee

Guaranteed Basic Income is an important part of a portfolio of social safety net programs that provide economic lifelines for millions. States and localities including the State of Alaska, Marin County in California, and Shreveport, Louisiana have all shown that basic income programs work. They buoy households through difficult life transitions, sustain students and workers who make low wages, and keep people from all backgrounds from slipping into financial desperation. 

Year after year, we hear from our statewide community about inadequate access to affordable dental care. Everyone deserves a healthy smile, no matter our race, where we live, or what insurance we can afford. Unfortunately, we do not all get the same access to dental care. There are simply not enough dental providers – particularly in rural communities – who see patients covered by Apple Health, our state’s Medicaid program, or who are without dental insurance, forcing us to travel long distances to find care, or simply go without. At the same time, dental coverage through Apple Health, while critically important, does not adequately cover several common oral health needs such as dentures or orthodontics. 

A pot of soup with a house, cash, and a carrot next to it

We are each the expert in our own lives and know how to meet our needs better than anyone else. With direct, flexible cash assistance and access to affordable care, we can have what we need to make the best decisions for us. 

What We’re Doing About It

Seeking funding for a statewide GBI program and bolstering support for existing GBI pilots across the state. 

Improving Medicaid coverage for dentures, partials, braces, and other essential procedures and using Medicaid as an incentive for mobile dental clinics providing care to rural communities. 


  • Recognize the powerful potential of GBI to enhance the financial health of Washington households in collaboration with state offices and coalition partners.
  • Invest in strategies to increase access to oral healthcare
  • Correct entrenched false narratives about poverty by centering and uplifting the voices of those with the most experience
A pot of soup with a house, cash, and a carrot next to it