We’re headed to the Fremont Fair this weekend and it is going to be a monstrous weekend of registering new voters here in Washington state. This annual event is one of Poverty Action’s largest hauls for new registrations. Last year we registered over 300 people in just one day! The annual Summer Solstice Parade and Fremont Fair attract over 100,000 people over three days….and we will be ready to help them take action and get registered to vote.

The fair includes performances by local bands, arts and crafts, shopping, food and drink, artistic expression, and fun for young and old – all coming together to celebrate Fremont’s “delibertas quirkas” culture. The Fair is an important part of Poverty Action history. Our parent organization, Solid Ground, was the founder and prime beneficiary of the community festival for decades. We have been attending and registering voters for 15 years. Since our first trip to Fremont Fair in 1998 we have registered over 11,000 voters at this event.

This year we will be setting up shop in our booth where visitors to the fair can stop by and learn about Poverty Action and take action on the spot to help make sure our state legislature passes a budget that invests in Washington’s greatest resource- its people.

If you’re interested in volunteering contact one of our superstar summer inters Gwen or Hillary at gwen@povertyaction.org or hillary@povertyaction.org today and schedule a shift to help register voters. We’ll be there with our purple shirts, stop by and say ‘hi’! For more information about the Fremont Fair click here.