Community Organizer

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Corina serves as Poverty Action’s first-ever Digital Organizer. In this role they help to grow and maintain advocacy networks across the state, identify organizing opportunities for people with lived experience of poverty, and bring innovation to their work in an increasingly digital age. As the former Community Organizer at Poverty Action and in following with her personal organizing philosophy, Corina believes that nobody knows their experience better than themselves and hopes to “meet folks where they’re at” in their journeys as advocates.

In her past work as the Field Director for Shaun Scott’s 2019 campaign for Seattle City Council in northeast Seattle, Corina engaged communities and volunteers in a platform advocating for housing justice, universal childcare, robust climate action, and a fair and progressive tax code. Prior to her time on this campaign, Corina was a student organizer with United Students Against Sweatshops. Through this work, they developed a core commitment to collective liberation and joined a community where they find daily inspiration from workers, community leaders, and labor organizers. Corina also worked in retail and food service for 5 years and served on the Board of Directors for the Worker Rights Consortium, an international garment factory inspection agency based in Washington, D.C. 

Outside of Poverty Action, Corina loves to challenge herself with new cooking skills and recipes, drink lots of coffee, and spend time making sure her 50+ houseplants thrive. They hold a degree in Environmental Studies and a minor in Labor Studies from the University of Washington.