Join the Statewide Poverty Action Network for our Communities in Action advocacy program, a FREE series of workshops that will focus on how to use your voice to influence public policy and create the social change you want to see!

Our Communities in Action program is a series of three workshops that will focus on skills-building for people interested in advocacy, policy, community organizing, and social justice. Participants will leave with the tools, knowledge, and resources to enter the 2020 Legislative Session as anti-poverty and racial justice advocates for their own communities. All participants will receive a $20 travel reimbursement for each session, as well as food and childcare! Note: As our work has traditionally been centered around the experiences and voices of low-income communities and communities of color, we ask only those to attend who self-identify as low-income.

List of workshops (registration links at the bottom of the page):

Session 1: Introduction to Advocacy & Poverty Action’s Campaigns

The first session will serve as a crash course in advocacy/community organizing work, and will be completely accessible for anyone, including those who are entirely new to the field. Our policy campaign managers will present background into their campaigns, including information on how we set our policy agenda each year and how we work to pass it during the legislative session.

Session 2: An Overview of Washington State’s Legislative Process

Ever wondered how exactly bills become laws, or what it is that lawmakers, advocates, and lobbyists actually do during legislative session? We’ll break that all down, and explain the vital role that constituents play in the passage of progressive policy.

Session 3: Storytelling for Change & Connecting to Larger Movements:

All social movements share one thing in common: the power of people, united by a common experience. We will explore social movements, both past and present, and talk about methods of sharing your own personal story– and why that is one of the most important things that an advocate can do.

All sessions are free to attend, and there is no prior experience in advocacy required. You are welcome to attend as many workshops as fit in your schedule, although we encourage you to attend all three for the best experience. You MUST register in advance to attend. Space is limited.

We are holding our workshops in Seattle, Olympia, and Tacoma on the following dates and times:

Seattle: Saturdays, from 10 AM – 2 PM. October 5, November 2, & December 7 at Solid Ground, 1501 N 45th Street. Register here!

Olympia (in partnership with the YWCA of Olympia!): Tuesdays, from 4 PM – 8 PM. October 15, November 12, & December 17 at 220 Union Ave SE. NOTE: This session is full.

Tacoma: Wednesdays, from 5- 9 PM. October 23 at Lakewood-Pierce County Library (6300 Wildaire Rd SW, Lakewood). November 6 at Parkland/Spanaway Pierce County Library (13718 Pacific Ave S, Tacoma). December schedule is TBD. NOTE: This session is full.