Voter GuideAs most of you know, Poverty Action has been committed to building grassroots power with low-income people and families since 1996. We focus on changing laws in Olympia, correcting injustices, and ensuring that every single person can have their basic needs met. Voting for great community leaders in Olympia enables us to have our voices and the voices of other low-income families in the area heard. This is why it is crucial that we understand each candidate’s stance on the issues that disproportionately impact low-income families, people of color, as well as our community at large.

We asked candidates eight questions, on topics ranging from health care to predatory lending; the safety net to institutional racism. Poverty Action values transparency – we publish the candidate responses each election to make their stances as clear and accessible as possible. We hope you will use our guide to help you make informed decisions. You can expect your general election ballot in the mail sometime between October 15th and October 22nd. Ballots are due on Tuesday, November 4th.

This election is critical to the well-being of our communities. These candidates will have substantial impacts on our everyday lives. Don’t let this election pass you by!

Mail in your ballot or put it in a local drop box by 8pm on Tuesday,November 4.  For more information please visit our online Voter Guide.

As always, you can support our efforts and our 2014 Vote for A Change work by donating and becoming a member!


Poverty Action is a non-partisan, non-profit organization (501c3). We do not support any candidate or political party.