Poverty Action is reclaiming democracy for families who work hard, but still struggle to get by. We want the Governor, legislators, regulators, and other decision-makers in the state to hear these voices and stories. That’s why we mobilize our members to come together, get educated and act. We organize people across the state to vote, march on the capitol, flood legislators with mail, phone calls and email, and testify at hearings.


In addition to our legislative advocacy work, Poverty Action runs two major campaigns:

  • Vote For A Change Campaign
  • Sharing Personal Experience As Knowledge (SPEAK) Project

Vote For A Change: This campaign seeks to mobilize new and infrequent voters in low income communities and communities of color through voter registration, education and participation with members and community partners around Washington state.

SPEAK: Poverty Action has a long history of empowering activists to share their stories with the media and lawmakers through our SPEAK (Sharing Personal Experience As Knowledge) project. This campaign builds leadership in low-income communities and communities of color, provides  one-on-one training to support community members in sharing stories with lawmakers and the media, and uses these personal stories to move our representatives to improve policies and programs that serve low-income families.