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One of the most effective ways to advocate for the progress you want to see in your community is by emailing your lawmakers directly. During each legislative session, we update this page with an active list of the bills we are working on.

How can I join Poverty Action’s advocacy network?

  • First, make sure that you’ve signed up for Network News, our weekly email alerts that contain updates about what’s going on in the legislature.
  • Next, click on each issue box below to read more about each campaign or bill.
  • Lastly, send an email to your lawmakers urging them to take action! We pre-write the emails to save you time, but our templates are always 100% customizable if you’d like to share your own perspective.

2020 Issues

No Budget Cuts!

Cutting economic safety net programs (which families rely on during times of hardship, such as during a pandemic) won't relieve any of the economic difficulties that Washington currently faces. It will only prolong it.

Community Protections During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic isn't solely a health crisis, but an economic one as well. In order to keep people safely home, state and federal lawmakers must instate increased services and protections during this crisis.

Supplemental Budget

Both the House and Senate have released their 2020 Supplemental Budget proposals. Each include strong investments in anti-poverty programs, but lawmakers can go farther.

Child Support Pass-Through

Families on TANF aren't allowed to collect the child support payments that are rightfully theirs. We're advocating for a fix that will allow families to receive a portion of their child support while also receiving TANF.

Dental Therapy

Dental care can be inaccessibly expensive, especially for people living on low or fixed incomes. Enter dental therapy: a proven solution to providing excellent oral health care at an affordable rate.
A single dollar bill, slightly crumpled but still straight, lays face up on a white surface.


Debt collection companies want to add a transaction fee to all payments made through electronic payment systems. This would mean that people would be paying extra in order to simply pay their bills. 
5 people stand in a row, posing for the camera together. They are all smiling and wearing red shirts that say "civil survival" on them

Clean Slate Act

Societal stigma and barriers to opportunity can often keep people with criminal convictions from moving forward in life. We believe that everyone deserves a second chance.
Two people stand facing the camera. They are smiling and laughing and are holding signs that say "I'm One of a Million!"

Working Families Tax Credit

Washington's tax code is the worst in the nation. Low-income communities are taxed the highest as a share of their income. We believe that our state deserves a fair tax code and that the WFTC is a significant step in the right direction.
Woman holding sign that reads TANF IS...a lifeline and way to keep our families safe and warm while we get back on our feet.


TANF/WorkFirst has undergone program cuts and policy changes that make it harder for low-income families to get the support they need. The program must be strengthened so that families in need can receive the support they deserve.
A person sits at a table writing on several pieces of paper, perhaps filling out forms. You can only see the person's hands, the pen they are holding, and part of the blue shirt they are wearing. The whole photo is slightly blurred out.

Consumer Protections

In Washington state, over 80% of suits brought by debt buyers in default judgements in favor of the debt buyer. This means that Washingtonians are having their accounts and wages garnished without a fair chance in court.