Email Actions

One of the most effective ways to advocate for the progress you want to see in your community is by emailing your lawmakers directly. During each legislative session, we update this page with an active list of the bills we are working on.

How can I join Poverty Action’s advocacy network?

  • First, make sure that you’ve signed up for Network News, our weekly email alerts that contain updates about what’s going on in the legislature.
  • Next, click on each issue box below to read more about each campaign or bill.
  • Lastly, send an email to your lawmakers urging them to take action! We pre-write the emails to save you time, but our templates are always 100% customizable if you’d like to share your own perspective.

2021 Issues

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TANF is a Lifeline

When families face economic hardship, they should not go without the basics: food, shelter, or medical essentials. We support policy changes to TANF that prioritize family and child well-being over a rigid focus on compliance.
Two people stand facing the camera. They are smiling and laughing and are holding signs that say "I'm One of a Million!"

Working Families Tax Credit/Recovery Rebate

Washington's tax code is the worst in the nation. Low-income communities are taxed the highest as a share of their income. We believe that our state deserves a fair tax code and that the WFTC is a significant step in the right direction.