One of the most effective ways to advocate for the progress you want to see in your community is by e-mailing your lawmakers directly. During each legislative session, we update this page with an active list of the bills we are working on. Use our pre-written e-mail templates to customize your message and share your story with your lawmakers!

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Tell Your Senator: Make TANF Work Better for Families!

While we've been advocating to reinstate time limit exemptions for families on TANF since January (and before), Senators are hearing SHB 2007 for the first time on Monday, February 19. After this hearing, Senators only have until Wednesday, February 21 to advance the bill.
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Tell Your Lawmakers: Expand Access to the Working Families Tax Credit!

HB 1075 would expand the age range so that all filers 18 and older can access the WFTC, reaching more young adults and seniors. Tell your lawmakers: support HB 1075 to give lifesaving cash to more people who need it to meet their basic needs! There shouldn't be an age limit on the Working Families Tax Credit, because there isn't an age limit on poverty.
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Tell Your Lawmakers: Regulate Predatory Lending!

This week, lawmakers are hearing bills that would cap payday loan interest rates at 36% (as many other states do) and prevent lenders from evading Washington regulation by contracting with out-of-state banks. These common-sense bills will bring Washington consumer protection regulation into alignment with nationwide gold standards and ensure lenders are subject to that regulation, protecting consumers from predatory practices.
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Tell Your Lawmakers: Help Washingtonians Meet Their Basic Needs

Whether our work is unpaid or underpaid, we work hard to meet our needs and pursue our goals. We each contribute in our own unique ways to our loved ones and our community. We all deserve to get the help we need, no matter what. When we have a solid foundation to meet our needs, we can take opportunities to build the life we want. This week, lawmakers are hearing bills that would create a statewide Guaranteed Basic Income Pilot and reinstate hardship time limit exemptions for families on Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF). These bills would make cash assistance programs work better for the people they exist to help and give Washingtonians the resources to meet their basic needs.