A community gathered around a table with warm soup, a child filling out a maze, a piggy bank, groceries, and other various items

Our Vision

At Statewide Poverty Action Network, we are fighting for a world where everyone can put food on the table, pay for our everyday needs, and pursue our own goals in life – no matter who we are or where we come from. We work to transform the systems that are stacked against us into systems that treat us fairly. We believe the only way to do that is to center the lives and stories of people impacted by poverty at the table where decisions are made.  

This year, we are focusing on driving policy change by centering the narratives of impacted communities. We cannot build systems that work for low-income Washingtonians without collaborating with people that systems are designed to help, and meaningful collaboration cannot happen without making sure our decision-making table has enough seats for everyone. By centering the voices of those living in poverty, we can come together as a community and build policy change that is larger than ourselves. 

2024 Policy Priorities

At our Listening Sessions across the state this fall, we heard about the most pressing issues for those living in poverty in Washington. From those conversations, we’re bringing important policies to the table this legislative session within three issue areas. 

A pot of soup with a house, cash, and a carrot next to it
Meeting Basic Needs
Two mazes, one filled out in crayon, and some cash next to them
Transforming Cash Assistance Programs
A piece of pie with a bite taken out of it
Bolstering Consumer Protections


Sharing our unique stories and building strong relationships makes our advocacy more powerful. We engage voters, build up community leaders, and connect people impacted by poverty to the state legislature to share their stories and inform policy change. When we stand together to demand that communities most impacted by poverty have a seat at the decision-making table, we can sit down to build a system that works for all of us. 

Download the Policy Agenda as a PDF

2024 Poverty Action Policy Agenda One-Pager