2018 Voter Guide

Midterm elections are crucial to our political system. The results of the midterms have the capacity to dramatically alter the political landscape of both federal and state governments, and can affect the President’s ability to pass their agenda.

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This year’s midterm elections are especially important.  The candidates elected this year will have the capacity to decide on a variety of policies– from reproductive rights, to economic justice, to immigrants’ rights, to a whole host of other major policies– and the implications of these decisions will shape the future of our country and our state. November 6 is the day to voice your opinion on how well both Congress and the Washington Legislature have been attending to the needs of your community by casting a ballot in favor of the candidates who most share your values.

In an effort to make the voting process more straightforward, we created a questionnaire based around our values of racial and economic justice that was then sent to candidates for Congress and the Legislature.

Our 2018 Voter Guide includes their answers, plus our endorsements of the 4 ballot initiatives for Washington state, and useful information on how and where to send your ballot.

Happy voting!