2018 Legislative Session

The 2018 Legislative Session was filled with success– that was fueled by you!

When the 2018 Legislative Session started in January, we felt cautiously optimistic about seeing some of our progressive policy priorities pass into law. We are thrilled that, from bills signed into law to the final budget, the legislative outcomes of this session far exceeded expectations. 

Thanks to the advocacy work of our community members and partner organizations, we were able to push a flurry of progressive bills through the state legislature. Criminal justice reform bills (including a bill to reform Legal Financial Obligations), reforms to state asset limits and financial assistance programs, student loan reform, increased protections for renters and job applicants, strengthened access to democracy…the list could go on!

We’ve said it before, and we will keep saying it: the direct impact of your emails, phone calls, trips to Olympia, testimony, and conversations with your friends and family was enormous. None of this could have happened without you!


Now that summer is here, we are turning back to our roots: our community members and partner organizations throughout Washington State. We will be holding a series of Listening Sessions– meetings with community members who have a lived experience with the issues we tackle– over the course of the next few months. These Listening Sessions are integral to the work we do in Olympia during Legislative Session and the formation of our policy agendas, as we take the recommendations we hear from impacted communities and use it to guide our work.

Stay tuned to our website and social media sites for updates on our Listening Sessions and any actions on federal bills we may ask you to take! We will be releasing our 2019 Policy Agenda later this autumn.