2018 Policy Agenda

Poverty is a systemic issue, which disproportionately impacts people at the intersections of race, class, gender, gender expression, sexuality, and ability. Public Policies and practices are often the tools used to create systems that perpetuate poverty. For example, communities of color have been disenfranchised for centuries through poll taxes, redlining, segregated school systems, the war on drugs, housing policies, and much more.

Just as public policy has had an incredible impact on low-income communities and communities of color,  people with low incomes and people of color can have an incredible impact on public policy. We can address and eliminate unfair laws and truly create a state that works for everyone.

We support policies that build an equitable community with access and power for all. Read our 2018 Policy Agenda here!

In order to be included in Poverty Action’s agenda, a public policy must:

  • Create racial equity and address systemic problems that contribute to poverty,
  • Be supported by people living on low incomes,
  • Engage our members in the civic process, and
  • Provide Poverty Action the opportunity to play a meaningful role on the issue.

Join us as we organize, share our stories, and ultimately create a more just, equitable Washington State!