Ban the Box

Bill Status:

HB 1298┬ámoved from the House to the Senate where it didn’t get enough votes to pass the Senate Committee on Commerce, Labor, & Sports.

SB 5312 was amended and passed out of the Senate and is now in the House Committee on Labor & Workplace Standards. While this bill is similar to HB 1298, it is not the same. And, we are concerned about the bill’s amendment.


What is Ban the Box?

These bills would make our job applications fairer. They “ban the box” on job applications asking about criminal history, preventing employers from asking about or using non-conviction information in the first stages of a job application. By removing this question from the initial application, people can share their qualifications, passions, and goals first when applying for jobs. Employers will still be able to ask about criminal history during later stages of the application process.

Action Status:

This action is temporarily deactivated, and will be reactivated once we fully understand and have a clear position on the amended bill.