Advocacy Actions

You + Advocacy Actions = Powerful Change

The following list of online actions need your advocacy.

Either by phone or or by taking action on the following, thank you for making  a positive impact TODAY:

State actions:

In addition to taking email actions, you can call the Washington legislative hotline. With one call to the hotline at 1.800.562.6000 you can leave a message with your legislature to support or oppose multiple bills at once.

TANF/HEN/ABD Asset Limits

In order to qualify for these programs, people’s income must fall below $1,000 and they must have a car valued at less than $5,000 to access the program – even if they meet all other program requirements. This forces families and individuals into a deep financial hole before they can access these vital programs. HB 1831 would raise asset limits significantly, up to $5,000 and a vehicle valued up to $10,000. Take action now!

LFO Reform

Legal Financial Obligations are penalties assessed as part of the criminal sentence from restitution to court fees, jail fees and more. They carry a 12% fee that accrues even when someone is incarcerated, leaving people owing 4, 6, 10 times more than they were ever charged upon release.  Let’s fix this broken system. Support 1783. Take Action!


Federal actions:

Federal Budget

The US House’s budget proposal is an assault on the programs that support people living in poverty.  It makes $3 trillion worth of drastic cuts to life saving and life changing programs for seniors, kids and families, and people with disabilities so that the wealthiest Americans can get a $2.6 trillion tax break. Take a stand against this ruthless proposal today.



The Trump Administration announced the end of DACA in six months. DACA offers hard-won stability to nearly 800,000 people across the US. It provides necessary documentation which helps immigrant youth, their families, and all our communities thrive. Urge Congress to stand with Dreamers and DACA recipients!



CFPB block

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) finalized rules to protect consumers who take out payday loans and several other short-term, expensive loans. However, the brand new rules are already at risk of repeal by Congress. Urge Congress today to stand with consumers and leave the CFPB payday lending rule as it stands!