Advocacy Actions

You + Advocacy Actions = Powerful Change

Thank you for taking action for a more equitable state.

The following list of actions are our active campaigns that need your advocacy. These actions are updated as they move through the legislative session – so you can take the same action every week.

In addition, or in place of taking an online action, you can call the Washington legislative hotline. With one call to the hotline at 1.800.562.6000 you can leave a message with your legislature to support or oppose multiple bills at once (see the bill names below).

Your message can be simple like: “I am calling to let my representatives and senator know that I urge them to support/oppose insert bill No.s” (e.g. Support HB 1798, Oppose HB 1061, etc).

Either by phone or or by taking action on the following, thank you for making  a positive impact TODAY:



You advocacy is working!  Send a thank you to lawmakers for passing the following:


Parents on TANF engage in an eligible “work activity” to receive TANF benefits. Until this year, only 12 months of vocational education was an eligible work activity. But we have now changed the law, doubling the length of time parents can pursue education/training opportunities, and still  receive benefits, from 12 months to 24 months. Thank you for advocating to give give parents a real chance to obtain a vocational education. Support HB 1566/SB 5347. Take Action!


For decades, Poverty Action members have worked collectively to fight for laws that work to build equity, and prevented policies that would deepen poverty in our state. From keeping people housed during the foreclosure crisis, and restoring the right to vote for thousands of previously incarcerated people – we proven that our collective actions make a huge difference.