About Us

About Our Organization

The Statewide Poverty Action Network builds grassroots power to end causes of poverty and create opportunities for everyone to prosper.

We believe things need to change. People are working harder for less. The rising cost of health care, education and child care are putting the squeeze on families. Most of us pay more in taxes – to keep our communities healthy for everyone – while the wealthy pay less and less.

Poverty Action is working in Olympia. We want the Governor, legislators, regulators and other decision-makers in the state to hear our voices, especially of those directly impacted by poverty. With over 8,000 members throughout the state, we are Washington’s leading organization on poverty. We are directed by people with low incomes and people of color, ensuring accountability to the communities that are disproportionately impacted by the effects of poverty. We have a powerful track record of victories in the legislature, achieved by engaging people with low incomes to become activists for social change.

Poverty Action is:

  • Creating Change – Poverty Action is a statewide network of individuals and organizations pushing for innovative policy solutions. The strength of our organization lies in the size of our membership and our ability to unite individuals to fight for a common cause. We reach out to people in all parts of the state to ensure we represent the diverse concerns of our community.
  • Speaking Truth – Poverty Action strives to ensure the public, the media and decision makers get the story straight. Through involvement of people with lower incomes and people of color, Poverty Action dispels the myths surrounding poverty, holds government officials accountable, and promotes media coverage to forward real solutions.
  • Reclaiming Democracy – Poverty Action mobilizes its members to come together, get educated and act. Real people working together can make a difference. That’s why we organize people across the state to vote, march on the capitol steps, flood legislators with mail, phone calls and email, and testify at hearings. Together, we can make sure elected officials work for all Washington families.

Posts on this page/site reflect the personal thoughts and opinions of the writer(s), which are not necessarily those of the organization.